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The Monster Mac – Secret Menu


McDonald’s Secret Menu And Prices

People always want to be in the know. That even includes being in the know with the McDonalds menu and pricing. Did you know that you can order a Monster Mac? This is not on the dollar menu, and it is most certainly not on the McDonalds menu, so do not expect to see it, however you can order it.

The Monster Mac

What does the Monster Mac consist of? Well you can expect to get a Big Mac but it will have 8 patties, that is right, 8 beef patties. Making this McDonald’s sandwich a Monster Mac. Most people are always intrigued with secrets and restaurant secret menu’s. So this comes as now surprise if people want a Monster Mac, they can get one.

I love the Big Mac, and after tasting the Monster Mac, here is my two cents. It tastes great but it is the same great taste that the Big Mac has on the regular McDonalds menu, but this is huge. The calorie intake is equally huge, I enjoyed having order the Monster Mac once, but I believe that this is the one and only time that I will order this version of an already great tasting McDonalds sandwich…The Big Mac is second to none in my opinion. Thanks for reading.

McDonalds Menu – New Mighty Wings

hot-n-spicy mcchickenMcDonald’s Menu Mighty Wings

There are many reasons why the McDonald’s menu and prices are among the top of any of the fast food restaurants they compete with. Now they are about to give them a dosage of something else that is new and tasty. Finally, because people ask for it, they deliver. The new McDonald’s Mighty Wings. You can order these Mighty Wings in 3/5/10 and of course as a combo meal with fries and a drink. In order for wings to be tasty they have to deep fried and battered in my opinion. The McDonald’s menu scores on both ends here.

Dipping sauces are the new fad, my kids cannot eat anything without dipping it into something. Ranch, Sweet and Sour, Barbeque, Hot Mustard, plus the two new sauces that you can dip your Mighty Wings into which include the following; Spicy Buffalo, Creamy Ranch. However, you will not find Blue Cheese as one of the dipping sauces for the all new, all Mighty Wings.

McDonald’s Menu Prices

As McDonald’s works on their menu and tweeks their prices, you will notice that more and more, there are breakfast menu items making their way to the all day-all night menu at McDonalds or better known as the dollar menu. One of the best ways to get food for free is to win a gift card to use at your local McDonalds restaurant. I usually try to win free food anytime I can. There are more free items out there than people really know. Winning a free gift card to McDonald’s is the best way to eat for free. Try to get your card right here with minimal effort. In other words, you do not have to sign over the deed to your home to get this free online gift card. Free food is just a few steps away. Get started with your very own free online gift card.

Information On The McDonald’s Menu And Prices

mcdonalds monopoly

McDonald’s Menu Prices

With all of the twist and turns that society takes to maintain a healthy weight, and eat foods that are healthier and overall good for you, many of the companies that it was believed turned a naked eye to cries for change, are doing just that, change. One of the all time favorite fast food restaurants, McDonalds is also taking aim at making the McDonalds menu and pricing something that people can not afford to just drive by anymore as they seek a healthy solution. Try my resources for a free visa McDonalds gift card. My Resources.

We all know how they have become players in the area of waking people up with their signature coffee and baristas specialist. Now they have introduced the all important egg white to their menu. It sure did take a while, but the taste is wonderful. The Egg McMuffin has had to endure a make-over, but I believe that it is one for the better, as the taste is very good. The McDonalds menu prices are very reasonable when it comes to getting someone fed for under $2.00. However people respond to many of those unhealthy bargains by claiming to want to pay a little more for a more healthy solution. This is something that McDonalds is willing to hear and act upon. They certainly have.

Here is a look at some of the wonderful changes that they have made to both the McDonalds dollar menu, and the regular menu that serves millions of people at their restaurants daily. Please realize that these changes come at a time when people need both economic relief and food items that taste good and are healthy for them. The following is both changes to the McDonalds menu, and specific food items on the menu.

  • The Egg White Delight McMuffin ( Egg whites, canadian bacon, white cheese)
  • Steak ( introduced new steak as a meat substitute to breakfast items)
  • The Egg McMuffin with steak (New)
  • Smoothies (Strawberry-Banana, Mango, Pineapple/colada)
  • Premium Chicken wraps ( A larger wrap, as compared to the snack wrap)

The McDonald’s dollar menu has also had a change of late. The original pricing of burgers, cheeseburgers, and double-cheeseburgers has seen an increase in price. Where the original pricing was 0.39 cents (hamburger), 0.59 cents (cheeseburger) and $1.00 for the double cheeseburger on Wednesdays and Sundays. The pricing has now changed to 0.49 cents (hamburger), 0.69 cents (cheeseburger) and a reduction those two days for the double cheeseburger to 0.89 cents from the previous $1.00 charge. Get out to McDonalds today and try their new menu, experience what is new today.