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McDonalds Menu Prices Dollar Menu & More…

The McDonalds Dollar Menu & More

Everyone can stop freaking out about the extinction of the so called “McDonald’s Dollar Menu”. Every once in awhile things need to change, change is good. Especially change in the fast food market. Many times these changes add exciting new menu items, and a little extra charge for some items, and a little lower for others. The McDonald’s menu has changed over the years, but you have to admit the dollar menu does need some overhauling. I would love to see the menu change every three or four months personally.

Most of the dollar menu items are $1 dollar but there will be others that will be more money, just like there are right now, so that is not going to be an issue. In addition, you have to admit that you are also getting the best French Fries on the market. Can’t dispute that. Overall, I like the dollar menu and the items on it as it stands right now. Sign up today for a free gift card from McDonald’s, and get your food for free, that beats the dollar menu all the time.

McDonald’s gift cards are great ideas to give your kids when trying to get them something quick to eat during the Summer months, while you are at work, they are rechargeable and most of the time, they are the quick solution to a quick simple delicious meal. I do this every Summer, I give each of my kids a gift card and it takes my mind off whether or not they have money to eat. Let’s face it kids like to roam the parks and enjoy the outdoors during the Summer months, so this will always come in handy. If you want to get them a gift card for the months in which they are away from school I recommend it.

The McDonalds menu is changing for the better. I really believe that, lets give them a change to finish it before we say that this is not going to work. After all the food is still going to be the same or better, not worse.

The McRib Is Back…Jack

The McDonalds menu prices just added one of the all time favorites to this Fall’s menu.  The McRib sandwich combo.  Little rib-lets cut just right with a special barbecue sauce and onions and pickles served with America’s favorite fries and coke in one excellent value meal.  Starting this week coupled with the great Monopoly game brought to you by McDonalds, giving you more reasons to visit your local fast food spot and pick up this incredible rib sandwich.  There is one way to try this meal or any other of your favorite fast food meals and not have to pay for it, get a free online gift card to help you experience these robust flavors and more.

The McRib comes out on the heels of the Monopoly game that has been in full swing for a few weeks now, this 2011 edition of the McDonalds Monopoly game sports incredible odds making every 1:4 a winner.  I have already had many instant winners and most of them have been of the free food variety.  Most of them are free french fries, or free smoothies, and some have been for a free breakfast sandwich.  With the low cost of the McDonalds dollar menu, you can couple one of these free instant winner Monopoly pieces with a dollar menu Coke and or any other of the many dollar menu items.  For the pieces that are not instant winners, just simply go to and enter your pieces there to follow along on the Internet.  It is free and very easy to do.  If you still are not comfortable with the web, get the paper map and just peel and paste, just like years past.  Also you can enter your pieces online for a chance to win a Nissan Z for free.  Hurry there is a deadline of November 15.  Only ten entries per day.

Here is a list of some of the most popular McDonalds sandwiches in the last 10 years!

  1. The Big Mac
  2. The Quarter pounder w/cheese
  3. The Filet-O-Fish
  4. The McRib sandwich
  5. The Ranch crispy snack-wrap
  6. The double cheeseburger
  7. The daily double
  8. The McChicken sandwich
  9. The (3) Angus variety burgers
  10. The Bacon crispy chicken sandwich

With a lineup like this, it makes the McDonalds menu one of the strongest fast food menus out there. Sure the Burger King and Wendy menus are strong as well. But when you add the gimmicks that make us go to this fast food giant, it is not even close. Games like Monopoly, and of course who can forget the all-time kid favorite meal, the happy meal.  This just even fair, they have something to appeal to everyone, that is truly the secret to their success.  They really know how to just overshadow the competition.  If you have not tried the McRib sandwich and want to taste it for free, get your very own free gift card and get over there.