Free McDonald’s Gift Card – New Mozzarella Sticks

free-mcdonalds-gift-cardNew McDonalds Menu Item: Mozzarella Sticks

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Welcome to the McDonald’s menu prices blog, where everything McDonald’s is discussed and shared. Well some new and exciting changes to the McDonald’s menu as they introduce their Mozzarella sticks with Marinara sauce or really any of their different dipping sauces that they offer. Ranch, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Sweet and Sour, and others. Check regional and local McDonald’s for availability. In addition to the McDonald’s Mozzarella sticks, they have added a few new burgers, both bigger and tastier than any other burger on the fast food market.

Enjoy the great taste of the McDonald’s menu prices, and for a bargain check out the McDonald’s dollar menu for special prices on great items like the McChicken, the McDouble, Chicken McNuggets, fries and so much more….

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