2017 McDonald’s Monopoly Game 22th Edition

Hello everyone, and welcome to the McDonalds menu prices blog. This years edition of the McDonald’s Monopoly game begins on the 20th, and runs through October 22, 2017. With over 300 million in cash and prizes (mostly food) it will be one of the most generous free food, prizes and money versions of the McDonalds Monopoly game ever! This the 20th Version of the popular fast food game.

The FIAT 500

This years game offers incredible prizes and food, just like years past. Here are some of the prizes that are built around this years game. Boardwalk, and Park Place once again own the most expensive pieces of real estate, at a whopping $1 million dollars for this two game piece combo. Other notables are the green pieces of North Carolina Ave, Pennsylvania Ave, and Pacific Ave with these landing a brand new 2013 FIAT 500. You must collect all of the color pieces to coordinate the prize.

Prizes from $20,000 to as little as $50.00. Everything in between as well. $10,000.00 in prize money for eating McDonald’s food, wow!!! What about these cool prizes as well. Delta Vacations, Beaches Resorts, and EA Sports cool prizes.

McDonalds Menu

In celebrating the 20th year anniversary of the game, McDonald’s is pulling out all the stops. Great food from the McDonalds menu and great prizes for all participants of the Monopoly game pieces. The 1 million dollar prize is brought to you by Discover. In addition to some of the cool prizes, along with big money prizes there is also the beach extravaganza. Luxury Family Vacation trips. All of this and more. Free food prizes include cookies, soft drinks, fries, burgers, ice cream, breakfast sandwiches, and a host of other cool items.  All you have to do it play. Enjoy the McDonald’s menu prices, and win prizes in addition to winning money, and win everything in between.

Don’t forget to check your code on the prizes to see if you won any instant prizes, and for the quickest access to those codes and prizes, check the ticket code right on your smart phones with the new smart phone app by McDonald’s for the Monopoly game. It is easy and free two combinations that I love.

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