McDonalds Menu Prices – New Mighty Wings

hot-n-spicy mcchickenMcDonald’s Menu Mighty Wings

There are many reasons why the McDonald’s menu and prices are among the top of any of the fast food restaurants they compete with. Now they are about to give them a dosage of something else that is new and tasty. Finally, because people ask for it, they deliver. The new McDonald’s Mighty Wings. You can order these Mighty Wings in 3/5/10 and of course as a combo meal with fries and a drink. In order for wings to be tasty they have to deep fried and battered in my opinion. The McDonald’s menu scores on both ends here.

Dipping sauces are the new fad, my kids cannot eat anything without dipping it into something. Ranch, Sweet and Sour, Barbeque, Hot Mustard, plus the two new sauces that you can dip your Mighty Wings into which include the following; Spicy Buffalo, Creamy Ranch. However, you will not find Blue Cheese as one of the dipping sauces for the all new, all Mighty Wings.

McDonald’s Menu Prices

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