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Egg Whites Are Here At McDonalds Finally!!!

egg white delight

The Egg White Delight McMuffin Joins The McDonalds Menu

Well the wait is over for those of us who enjoy McDonalds menu every now and then, and want to continue a healthy lifestyle without having to sacrifice the benefits of eating on the run. McDonald’s, a leader in the fast food industry is always a jump ahead of the competition and boy I for one am glad.

This latest edition adds morning sandwiches with egg whites. In order to bring along the great taste of the McMuffin with egg whites and create a following, which by the way from someone that has already had quite a few of these, I can tell you they are very good tasting, McDonald’s is issuing a special coupon which is good through 6/20/13. This special coupon which is a small black advertisement attached to the bag in which they place your food on your most recent trip allows you to try the new “Egg White Delight McMuffin” for just $1.00! Take advantage of this offer as you will find that the taste is just what you would expect from McDonald’s.

The McDonald’s Menu

With one of the best dollar menus of all the fast food restaurants, it is very simple to pick up something to eat for under $2.00 and be satisfied. How many different restaurants can make that claim? Some of the new items that have wiggled their way into the dollar menu is the double cheeseburger, the McChicken sandwich (the spicy one too), and of course the 6 piece McNuggets. One of the best tasting chicken nuggets around, not because I say it. The polls do.

Enjoy the McDonalds menu prices during the summer and taste some of the best tasting specialty coffee drinks as well as the new Strawberry-Lemonade frozen drink and the Cherry-Berry frozen drink as well. Go out today and try the new dollar menu where you can enjoy specially chosen breakfast and lunch items all day long. So what are you waiting for? Get a visa McDonalds gift card by visiting my rewards. My Rewards!

McDonalds Dollar Menu Offers More Breakfast Items

dollar menu at McDonaldsOffering McDonald’s Dollar Menu Deals

I recently began eating breakfast, something that I was doing without for a few years. I came across the Burger King menu prices and soon made a comparison between the before mentioned and the McDonald’s menu prices. While I tried to compare the two, it was tough because both have ideal meals for breakfast and both have items that are a good idea to stay away from. I guess your age will play the biggest factor in which foods to consume and which to avoid. Like most people, I too am always on the run, so sitting at home making breakfast from Monday to Friday is a complete no-go! Get your free McDonald’s gift card right here.

I will tell you what I decided on being a sensible meal for me, and who I chose. First on Burger King menu, you can get caught up over eating with the mini castle burger like egg sandwiches. They come with bacon, sausage, and ham. They have a special sauce on them, that I do without. But most people enjoy them the way they come. Fact is since they are so small, you can end up over eating, that is a minus. Both fast food giants serve up the specialty coffees, if you like your coffee cold, they aim to please. For me, coffee needs to be mouth scorching hot in the morning, a shower and a little morning light weight lifting alone does not get it done for me. So coffee, HOT!

McDonalds Menu Prices

McDonalds menu prices, offer a few bargains and they are not that heavy in fat. For one the McDonalds dollar menu offers the breakfast burrito for $1.00, you can do without the hash browns in both places and I always do. Most of your morning fat will come from these anyway. Most people on the weight watchers diet, find it both counting numbers wise and hungry wise to consume the egg McMuffin sandwich. I prefer the burrito and for $1.00 you would be hard pressed to find another breakfast bargain better than this one. Although the local McDonalds in my town, do offer other breakfast sandwiches for a price busting bargain. For instance the sausage egg McMuffin without the egg for 0.89 cents. Tough to beat when you are scrambling for change in your ash tray of your car. Both companies have done plenty to drive breakfast traffic to their respective businesses, and both offer early morning deals. The preference is totally up to you, if breakfast must be on the go, then it’s the McDonalds Menu prices for me. Free gift cards for McDonald’s.

McDonalds New Prices Valid Everyday

McDonalds Menu Prices

If you are like me, you are always hawking price breaks and deals everywhere. Most of the times to get the best deal all you really have to do is hawk the McDonalds menu prices in order to see some of the best deals that will ever come across your day. Now until further notice, one of the daily price deals that you can enjoy from the king of the fast food is the McChicken sandwich and the Spicy McChicken sandwich for only $1.00! Get great coupons for free just for joining!

The McDonald’s McDouble

This joins the new dollar menu option at McDonalds, and joins the recently added McDouble which is just a catchy phrase for the double cheeseburger. That gives you yet another three options to add to the already ongoing specials that include the following lineup of specials:

  • Monday – $0.99 McNuggets
  • Sunday and Wednesday – $0.59 cheeseburgers
  • Sunday and Wednesday – $0.39 hamburgers
  • Everyday – McChicken, Spicy McChicken and McDouble (double cheeseburger) $1.00
  • Everyday – Great prices on a variety of specialty coffee drinks, shakes, and other specialties.
  • Everyday – McDonalds Monopoly from September 25, 2012 – October 22, 2012 – Win prizes (mostly food).

In case you did need a few more reasons to check out the new McDonalds menu and prices, just know that cookies, apple pies, cherry pies, and ice cream are also on the menu. Sundae’s, ice-cream cones, and other treats are always on the ready at America’s favorite fast food restaurant.

Also remember that each of McDonalds Monopoly game pieces have a dual role in the game. Of course the attempt at completing the color coded pieces like Boardwalk, and Park Place, and also the Internet entry for instant prizes. Most people do not enter these pieces online. I recommend that you do. This is the best way for you to win extra prizes, and have a shot at a top prize of 1 million dollars, WOW!!! Visit your local McDonald’s fast food restaurant today and play to win!!! Game piece also available for free via the mail. Offers void where prohibited and McDonald’s reserves the right to verify all prizes.

Service At McDonalds Under Scrutiny

Over 1 Billion Served!

According to some survey that is circulating on the web, the service at McDonalds is suffering. I guess many McDonald’s customers aren’t lovin’ it, but before you take to heart many of these surveys that pop up online take a good look at the McDonald’s in your area and think hard before you criticize them for their service. With one of the best all around menus, the McDonalds dollar menu is one of the most versatile menus at any fast food restaurant. Get cozy with a free McDonalds gift card just for your participation today.

Don’t forget to take my poll as well, as that will most certainly fuel future articles.  Regardless of the ranking of its restaurants, and the peers in fast food that took part in the report released on Tuesday 6/19/2012 by the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). I am sticking with McDonalds. Fast food, cheap prices and appeal to the kids, is the main reason. Additionally like I stated before, no fast food restaurant gets it right all the time.

Many of the restaurants polled like Burger King, Papa John’s, Subway and Taco Bell all scored better than the burger giant, but not by much. Among restaurants specializing in hamburgers, fries, and chicken sandwiches Wendy’s was the leader. You must admit they have stepped up their ad campaigns as well, where McDonalds doesn’t so much have to. Wendy’s was followed by Burger King.

Many of these polls take McDonalds to not so new territory. They serve 68 million customers per day. Additionally in 2009, McDonald’s sprinted ahead of Kentucky Fried Chicken and Burger King by a percentage point so do not lose faith on your number 1 fast food establishment based on one ranking! Like I stated earlier the ranking is nothing new for the fast food giant, but with the finest menu and a great dollar menu, and the fact that you know the company is run with pride, this is something that will most certainly change. Some training for new crew members that get hired and some more training for managers and they will once again be on the top of some of these polls for excellent service.

The McDonalds Menu Is Number 1!

Fear not, Mickey D’s is however steadily making progress. It’s 73 percent satisfaction score in 2012 is a huge improvement from the all time low score of  59 in the year 2000. McDonald’s issued an official statement in response to the findings and here it is: “At McDonald’s, customer satisfaction has, and continues to be, a top priority for the fast food restaurant”. We take all customer feedback seriously and all of the competition strides to be on top. Our internal and third-party research shows that we continue to make progress in satisfying our customers.

McDonald’s customer satisfaction is however at an all-time high, which is supreme for those of us that love the food so. The strongest points for McDonalds is the ability to offer customers great value, menu variety and a positive service experience every time they visit our restaurants. Something that they stride to accomplish each and everyday. McDonalds plans to spend $1.5 billion this year to make over its restaurants with more comfortable seating, WiFi, and TV’s, so it is hard to believe that they will soon be at the top of many different but related surveys and polls. Get Your Free McDonalds gift card and experience their customer service for yourself.

Changes to McDonalds Menu Prices

Many of the most recent menu changes have included Wild Berry and Strawberry Banana smoothies, the Blue Berry Banana oatmeal, and other bakery items. Below is a glimpse of some of the results.

Here’s the breakdown:

Papa John’s 83%

Subway 82%

Little Caesar 82%

Dunkin Donuts 79%

Pizza Hut 78%

Wendy’s 78%

Domino’s Pizza 77%

Taco Bell 77%

Starbucks 76%

KFC 75%

Burger King 75%

McDonald’s 73%

The McRib Is Back…Jack

The McDonalds menu prices just added one of the all time favorites to this Fall’s menu.  The McRib sandwich combo.  Little rib-lets cut just right with a special barbecue sauce and onions and pickles served with America’s favorite fries and coke in one excellent value meal.  Starting this week coupled with the great Monopoly game brought to you by McDonalds, giving you more reasons to visit your local fast food spot and pick up this incredible rib sandwich.  There is one way to try this meal or any other of your favorite fast food meals and not have to pay for it, get a free online gift card to help you experience these robust flavors and more.

The McRib comes out on the heels of the Monopoly game that has been in full swing for a few weeks now, this 2011 edition of the McDonalds Monopoly game sports incredible odds making every 1:4 a winner.  I have already had many instant winners and most of them have been of the free food variety.  Most of them are free french fries, or free smoothies, and some have been for a free breakfast sandwich.  With the low cost of the McDonalds dollar menu, you can couple one of these free instant winner Monopoly pieces with a dollar menu Coke and or any other of the many dollar menu items.  For the pieces that are not instant winners, just simply go to and enter your pieces there to follow along on the Internet.  It is free and very easy to do.  If you still are not comfortable with the web, get the paper map and just peel and paste, just like years past.  Also you can enter your pieces online for a chance to win a Nissan Z for free.  Hurry there is a deadline of November 15.  Only ten entries per day.

Here is a list of some of the most popular McDonalds sandwiches in the last 10 years!

  1. The Big Mac
  2. The Quarter pounder w/cheese
  3. The Filet-O-Fish
  4. The McRib sandwich
  5. The Ranch crispy snack-wrap
  6. The double cheeseburger
  7. The daily double
  8. The McChicken sandwich
  9. The (3) Angus variety burgers
  10. The Bacon crispy chicken sandwich

With a lineup like this, it makes the McDonalds menu one of the strongest fast food menus out there. Sure the Burger King and Wendy menus are strong as well. But when you add the gimmicks that make us go to this fast food giant, it is not even close. Games like Monopoly, and of course who can forget the all-time kid favorite meal, the happy meal.  This just even fair, they have something to appeal to everyone, that is truly the secret to their success.  They really know how to just overshadow the competition.  If you have not tried the McRib sandwich and want to taste it for free, get your very own free gift card and get over there.