Egg Whites Are Here At McDonalds Finally!!!

egg white delight

The Egg White Delight McMuffin Joins The McDonalds Menu

Well the wait is over for those of us who enjoy McDonalds menu every now and then, and want to continue a healthy lifestyle without having to sacrifice the benefits of eating on the run. McDonald’s, a leader in the fast food industry is always a jump ahead of the competition and boy I for one am glad.

This latest edition adds morning sandwiches with egg whites. In order to bring along the great taste of the McMuffin with egg whites and create a following, which by the way from someone that has already had quite a few of these, I can tell you they are very good tasting, McDonald’s is issuing a special coupon which is good through 6/20/13. This special coupon which is a small black advertisement attached to the bag in which they place your food on your most recent trip allows you to try the new “Egg White Delight McMuffin” for just $1.00! Take advantage of this offer as you will find that the taste is just what you would expect from McDonald’s.

The McDonald’s Menu

With one of the best dollar menus of all the fast food restaurants, it is very simple to pick up something to eat for under $2.00 and be satisfied. How many different restaurants can make that claim? Some of the new items that have wiggled their way into the dollar menu is the double cheeseburger, the McChicken sandwich (the spicy one too), and of course the 6 piece McNuggets. One of the best tasting chicken nuggets around, not because I say it. The polls do.

Enjoy the McDonalds menu prices during the summer and taste some of the best tasting specialty coffee drinks as well as the new Strawberry-Lemonade frozen drink and the Cherry-Berry frozen drink as well. Go out today and try the new dollar menu where you can enjoy specially chosen breakfast and lunch items all day long. So what are you waiting for? Get a visa McDonalds gift card by visiting my rewards. My Rewards!