The South Florida McDonalds Menu Prices

I can’t speak for the rest of the nation, but here in South Florida, we currently still enjoy the Super McDonalds menu prices. Starting with the one value that has been a hit with my pool parties and family members. The 0.59 cent cheeseburgers, and 0.49 cent hamburgers. Prices that even the competition cannot touch and won’t.

These bargain busters have been a part of South Florida for the better part of a few years on and off. In fact I can go back to about 10 years since the McDonalds menu prices guru’s have put this one out there. I have been enjoying this for so long, I have lost track of time. If you really want to be frugal, you can just buy the hamburgers, and place cheese on them at home. If frugal offends you, then maybe you buy the 0.49 cents hamburger so that you can place an even tastier cheese on the burger. Either way this is a tough McDonalds break to beat. The offer only stands on Wednesdays and Sundays in South Florida.

The McDonalds dollar menu also stands strong, because not everyone in my house hold enjoys cheeseburgers with the same passion as me. So 4 piece chicken nuggets for $1.00 is tough to beat, one thing I never do is buy the happy meal toy outright, it just does not make dollar sense. The happy meal cost $3.50, yet they will sell you a toy alone for $1.50. Take the fries and the cheeseburger or the McNuggets and pay the extra $2.00, besides the kids will always find time to consume those. Now that makes dollar sense!

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