McDonalds Menu Prices – Your Road Trip Savior

It seems like companies are willing to go the extra mile, in times of recession. Take for instance the McDonalds Menu Prices. Just this morning I took advantage of the weekly special in the McDonalds restaurant nearest me.

2 Sausage McMuffins for $2.00, to feed a family of 6 for under $12.00, incredible. I do not know about you, but in my family the breakfast chore belongs to me. I for one am glad that I can take advantage of the McDonalds menu prices. Throw in 5 hash browns and there you have it, $12.00. Saves me about 30 minutes of slaving over the stove, and in the end, the reality is I cannot make it for cheaper. That usually is the stigma associated with eating out right? They also had the sausage McMuffin for a measly 0.79 cents without the egg. That is truly something wonderful to write home about.

The McDonalds dollar menu is also tough to beat for lunch and dinner, starting with the tasty McChicken for the incredibly low price of $1.00, coupled with the double cheeseburger, it makes for a tasty one, two punch. Flavors to serve all the tastes buds around. I have a funny tale to tell, one Summer I went with my significant other to Walt Disney World resort’s Magic Kingdom and while we were there, we were waiting on our paychecks to hit that week, we survived for three days on the McDonalds Big Mac, back then in 1993 they had them on special that week (lucky us) 2 for $2.00. Seriously talking about getting the most bang for your buck. I will never forget that trip and for that reason I am forever loyal to the McDonalds Menu Prices.


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  3. jmaris21
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 11:47:15

    I agree and the McDonalds menu has just added value to the McDonalds menu prices by adding (2) new fruit smoothies to their menu family, giving young adults trying to eat right yet another viable option to add something healthy to their diet. Both of the new smoothies taste incredible! The Wild berry is my favorite, they also added the banana berry smoothie. You should run right out and try these today. You will not regret it. Keep looking for more healthy options, beating the old fast food doldrums, that is what this company does.

  4. Tezgah
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 20:55:30

    I love big Mac. I love it.

  5. jmaris21
    Sep 29, 2010 @ 08:51:06

    Well you are not alone, the “Big Mac” is one of the favorite burgers in all of the fast food chains worldwide. The 2 all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame bun. I can still remember the song, that made the burger famous! Enjoy the McDonalds menu prices, with prices so low there is something for everyone!

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    Jul 04, 2011 @ 05:28:16

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