McDonalds Menu Prices

McDonalds Buffalo Ranch McChicken Sandwich $1.00

Buffalo Ranch McChicken Sandwich

The new McDonald’s dollar menu boast some pretty cool items, and not to be outdone by the competition, they are also offering two of their monster sandwiches for only $4.99 for a limited only. The McDonalds menu prices has long been the one steady menu that the customers can turn to for a price break. Now with a new and improved including some new bold tasting sandwiches like the Buffalo Ranch McChicken, McDonalds is ready to take on new customers.

Alongside the new McChicken sandwich, these items are also listed for just $1 on the McDonalds dollar menu, some slightly higher in price:

  • BBQ Ranch Burger
  • Classic McChicken
  • Bacon McDouble
  • Bacon Buffalo Ranch McChicken
  • Bacon Cheddar McChicken
  • Grilled Onion Cheddar
  • Large Sweet Tea
  • Fruit & Yogurt Parfait
  • Side Salad
  • Soft Baked Cookies
  • Vanilla Cone
  • McDouble
  • Double Cheeseburger
  • Sausage Biscuit
  • Sausage McMuffin (no egg)

Wow, my mouth just watered just listing these items. McDonalds menu prices beats out the competition every time and when you look at the menu there is absolutely no wondering why. So drive through today and order your favorite fast food from your local McDonalds this morning, lunch or dinner time. All you need is the spare change right in your car. Good food, cheap prices, great timing. McDonalds.


McDonalds New 24 Hour Menu

24 hour menuIf you are traveling about and driving for long hours it is always good to know that you can make a pit stop for some quick fast food, and regardless of the hour get some of your favorite meals. With the new McDonalds menu prices open 24 hours in most major cities, chances are that you will run into a restaurant that is open 24 hours. If you are traveling around, you will also want to make sure that you pick up some extra coupons for freebies and samples of some of the things that you enjoy. I have compiled some of the best sample products on this blog that you can ever expect to get on any blog. This is my way of rewarding a loyal reader like you. Take these free samples off my hands please. Start right here.

The McDonalds 24 Hour Menu

Many of these McDonalds restaurants are now serving some of your favorite foods 24/7. So in addition to some of the best milk shakes, and coffee that you can get just about anywhere. Now these foods will also be available 24 hours a day. Take a look at the foods that McDonald’s will be serving at most of their restaurants that are open all day and all night. Here is a short list of some of the foods that they are offering around the clock. Take a look…

  • Hash Browns
  • Cinnamon Melts
  • Sausage Burritos
  • Any Specialty coffee and shakes
  • Delicious Oatmeal
  • Smoothies
  • Double Cheeseburgers
  • And many more items…

In addition to these foods, there is always the great tasting burgers and meals that have made McDonald’s one of the most popular fast food establishments in the world. So the next time you are out on a family trip and want to make good time and do not want to stop for a sit down meal. Remember that this restaurant is serving up your favorite meals all day long. Thanks for reading and enjoy these cool samples just for being a loyal reader.

McDonalds Premier: The New Fish Bites

mcdonalds menu prices fish bitesSpecialty Menu and Prices

What’s new with the McDonald’s menu and prices? Well this is a menu that still includes the heavy hitters of the burger fast food world, staples like the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder w/cheese. the double cheeseburger and more. So pushing the envelope and staying the number one fast food place, needs creativity and fresh tasting food. That is what you get when you try the new McDonald’s fish bites or the combo fish bites which comes with their fries and a drink.

So now you can enjoy that same tenderness and great taste that you get with the McNuggets in a new and tasty fish bite. Getting all your favorite dipping sauces, and tartar sauce too. The specialty baristas also make some of the best tasting smoothies, coffee drinks, and shakes available in any fast food restaurant.

McDonalds Dollar Menu Offers More Breakfast Items

dollar menu at McDonaldsOffering McDonald’s Dollar Menu Deals

I recently began eating breakfast, something that I was doing without for a few years. I came across the Burger King menu prices and soon made a comparison between the before mentioned and the McDonald’s menu prices. While I tried to compare the two, it was tough because both have ideal meals for breakfast and both have items that are a good idea to stay away from. I guess your age will play the biggest factor in which foods to consume and which to avoid. Like most people, I too am always on the run, so sitting at home making breakfast from Monday to Friday is a complete no-go! Get your free McDonald’s gift card right here.

I will tell you what I decided on being a sensible meal for me, and who I chose. First on Burger King menu, you can get caught up over eating with the mini castle burger like egg sandwiches. They come with bacon, sausage, and ham. They have a special sauce on them, that I do without. But most people enjoy them the way they come. Fact is since they are so small, you can end up over eating, that is a minus. Both fast food giants serve up the specialty coffees, if you like your coffee cold, they aim to please. For me, coffee needs to be mouth scorching hot in the morning, a shower and a little morning light weight lifting alone does not get it done for me. So coffee, HOT!

McDonalds Menu Prices

McDonalds menu prices, offer a few bargains and they are not that heavy in fat. For one the McDonalds dollar menu offers the breakfast burrito for $1.00, you can do without the hash browns in both places and I always do. Most of your morning fat will come from these anyway. Most people on the weight watchers diet, find it both counting numbers wise and hungry wise to consume the egg McMuffin sandwich. I prefer the burrito and for $1.00 you would be hard pressed to find another breakfast bargain better than this one. Although the local McDonalds in my town, do offer other breakfast sandwiches for a price busting bargain. For instance the sausage egg McMuffin without the egg for 0.89 cents. Tough to beat when you are scrambling for change in your ash tray of your car. Both companies have done plenty to drive breakfast traffic to their respective businesses, and both offer early morning deals. The preference is totally up to you, if breakfast must be on the go, then it’s the McDonalds Menu prices for me. Free gift cards for McDonald’s.

Your Best Chance To Land A McDonalds Gift Card For Their Delicious Menu!

hot-n-spicy mcchicken

The McDonald’s Menu Got Game

One of the best things about being a McDonald’s fan, is having to decide between the great items, and the great savings offered on the McDonalds menu prices. The Summer Olympics made eating here even better, as the opportunity and the McDonalds game for the Olympics offered the chance to win free food. Something that we all want, and free food I won!

Whether Its the Monopoly McDonalds game or the Summer Olympics this year, you have to admit that this fast food restaurant is always keeping us entertained while we enjoy the great taste of McDonalds. That is most certainly for sure! Great food and entertainment as a plus, coupled with free food equals everyone happy.

The McDonald’s Coupon

The McDonalds coupon for free food, came quite often with the Summer Olympic game. In fact they pieces are getting ready to expire on August 31, so make sure that you cash in on the tons of free fast food that was given away this year. With the hard recession, the free food comes in handy. I won everything from Chicken Nuggets, to French fries, and even breakfast sandwiches. There were also tons of prizes given out to the winners of gold medals. The game ends with the online raffle for the grand prize drawing on August 31. The amount as it stands right now is about $46,000. This is according to the official McDonalds game piece page. McDonalds and the Summer Olympics Win Money!

So if you have the pieces just lying around get to it and enter them for a chance to win. You have 10 days left. I redeem the free food on every trip to get food. Free food with every order what a great deal. Many people are seeing what great value and nutritional information they can find about the different meals that McDonalds offers. Well take the guessing game out of it all together. Here is a McDonalds quiz where you can check to see what your knowledge about what you are eating really is. Take the quiz today!

google  link

McDonald’s Calories

When it comes to food, you really have to make a solid effort to check the amount of calories that you are taking in. As you get older this is really important. Believe it or not, calorie counting was the original way to lost weight before everything else went haywire. It still works. You can really enjoy just about anything off of the McDonalds menu so long as you exercise and count calories. There are some incredible calorie counters on google play that you can easily download on to your smart phone and make the process so painless it is not even funny.

For instance Big Mac calories top 700, and if you are into counting calories, and let’s just say you are trying to keep the calories under 2000, you are burning close to 1/3 of your allowed calories on this sandwich. Not a smart move. But with these menus you can make smart informative decisions, for instance, you can have salads, oatmeal, and even most of the breakfast sandwiches. Some of these like the Egg McMuffin is a great choice at only 300 calories. Losing weight the old fashion way can be good. Try it out. The smart phone app that I use is called “My Fitness Pal” I do not stand to profit from the use of this app. I am just offering as an option to those that may need to lose some weight. I use it daily, and the best part about it is that you chose how many pounds you want to lose per week. If you stick to it, you will most certainly see the results. I have.

Fast Food Coupons And McDonald’s Gift Cards!

Let’s face it everyone would like to have something for nothing, me included! I follow these free food opportunities everyday, and some pan out and some don’t . Those are the chances that we are willing to take to get some free food. However, on this site, I pride myself on having some of the best free gift card and coupon affiliates around just take a look for yourself. I like them, and my readers like them and so will you. That is good enough for me! Right now I am putting together a collection of free gift cards to some of your favorite restaurants. Free coupons are much easier to obtain than free food gift cards true enough, but the free gift card deals are out there and they are pretty easy to obtain as you will soon see.

Free sample coupons and gift cards are leading the pack in the way of savings via the Internet. The Internet has really learned how to become a valuable tool for anyone person looking for a deal or savings on just about any item. Whether you want perfume, sporting goods, deals for domains, hosting plans like Blue Host, or Hostgator, and so many more, the Internet has all of the online coupons and discounts sprinkled about. Now this site is about McDonald’s food and the good thing about some of the free McDonalds food gift cards is that they are good at mostly all of the participating McDonald’s locations. Just find a fast food restaurant near you and use your free gift card for food, it really is that simple.
The McDonald’s Menu Vs. The Burger King Menu

Let’s face it, Batman had the Joker, Superman had Lex Luther, and McDonalds has Burger King. Although both of these companies compete for the large portion of the fast food business with Wendy’s tugging away at their share. There is something that each of them posses that Wendy’s and some of the other fast food places do not. Their connection with kids. This is one of those intangibles that just cannot be overseen. Even with the endorsement of pediatricians, like my kid’s doctor giving endorsements to Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Burger King wins out time and time again. So with this information at hand, and knowing that there could possibly be just as good an option elsewhere, most kids prefer McDonalds and their menu. I cannot say that as an adult I disagree. McDonalds it is.