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New Tasty Pastries Hit The McDonalds Menu

There is always something new on the McDonalds menu. The envelope is always pushing towards something tasty, new, and satisfying. The new McDonalds pastries are revving up the mornings for all of the McDonald’s fans out there.

Premium roast coffee, and these new pastries are just the right touch for a breakfast on the run, when there is no time for a sit down breakfast. That is what I love about the McDonalds menu. There is always something for everyone at McDonalds. While the competition finds a way to dish out something satisfying for the consumers, this fast food giant always knows when the consumer needs just a little something new, and tasty. They always deliver don’t they?

Orange juice is not just for breakfast anymore, and McDonalds is just not for kids either. There are plenty of menu items in store for all of us. Whether they are giving away free food with their latest promotions or issuing coupons to help us save money, they always seem to do it right. Now also for a limited time they have Family Value Meals.

The latest Family Value Meal offers our fans this. For only $11.99 a family of four can enjoy the following:

  • Two Big Macs
  • One McChicken
  • One (6) piece McNuggets
  • Four small fries
  • Four small cokes

As you can see the following value meals have something for everyone. This is a great way to save money, and enjoy the great tasting food of McDonalds.

Information On The McDonald’s Menu And Prices

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McDonald’s Menu Prices

With all of the twist and turns that society takes to maintain a healthy weight, and eat foods that are healthier and overall good for you, many of the companies that it was believed turned a naked eye to cries for change, are doing just that, change. One of the all time favorite fast food restaurants, McDonalds is also taking aim at making the McDonalds menu and pricing something that people can not afford to just drive by anymore as they seek a healthy solution. Try my resources for a free visa McDonalds gift card. My Resources.

We all know how they have become players in the area of waking people up with their signature coffee and baristas specialist. Now they have introduced the all important egg white to their menu. It sure did take a while, but the taste is wonderful. The Egg McMuffin has had to endure a make-over, but I believe that it is one for the better, as the taste is very good. The McDonalds menu prices are very reasonable when it comes to getting someone fed for under $2.00. However people respond to many of those unhealthy bargains by claiming to want to pay a little more for a more healthy solution. This is something that McDonalds is willing to hear and act upon. They certainly have.

Here is a look at some of the wonderful changes that they have made to both the McDonalds dollar menu, and the regular menu that serves millions of people at their restaurants daily. Please realize that these changes come at a time when people need both economic relief and food items that taste good and are healthy for them. The following is both changes to the McDonalds menu, and specific food items on the menu.

  • The Egg White Delight McMuffin ( Egg whites, canadian bacon, white cheese)
  • Steak ( introduced new steak as a meat substitute to breakfast items)
  • The Egg McMuffin with steak (New)
  • Smoothies (Strawberry-Banana, Mango, Pineapple/colada)
  • Premium Chicken wraps ( A larger wrap, as compared to the snack wrap)

The McDonald’s dollar menu has also had a change of late. The original pricing of burgers, cheeseburgers, and double-cheeseburgers has seen an increase in price. Where the original pricing was 0.39 cents (hamburger), 0.59 cents (cheeseburger) and $1.00 for the double cheeseburger on Wednesdays and Sundays. The pricing has now changed to 0.49 cents (hamburger), 0.69 cents (cheeseburger) and a reduction those two days for the double cheeseburger to 0.89 cents from the previous $1.00 charge. Get out to McDonalds today and try their new menu, experience what is new today.

Fast Food Prices At Great Food Deals

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McDonalds Prices

Fast food prices are always a bargain when the food is great tasting like McDonalds! McDonald’s prices are also great. They offer quality, quantity, and absolute great taste, many of you agree and find yourself here reading this. Tough to sneer at a deal like that in today’s economy. When trying to feed a family of four for under $40.00 there just aren’t many places in which to do that in. You can count the McDonald’s menu and prices to be just that for you. Family and great food go together as well, throw in savings now you have got something!

Everyday brings a new special at McDonalds. Each and everyday that comes, a special bargain meal or sandwich is waiting for the consumer. Monday is the favorite around my home. McNuggets run supreme on Monday’s, as a 6-piece is yours for the low price of just $0.99. Think about the things that you know that you can get for just $0.99. Are any of those things cooked or even taste good? At McDonalds you can always expect great taste, and cheap prices.

Chocolate Chip Frappuccino is back!

One of the best tasting Frappuccino’s is back at McDonald’s just in time for the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer. Cool off with this extraordinary coffee drink, made by the specialists at McDonald’s. Mix and match some of the daily dollar menu items, and this cool drink for a refreshing trip to your local restaurant. Let’s face it somethings are just cheaper to buy then to make. Burgers is one of those things for sure. Take the $0.69 cheeseburger and the $0.39 hamburger on Wednesdays and Sundays. There is no way that you can make this happen at home at these prices. The next time you are in a hurry for a meal, and you want to pay for it with the change in your car, go visit the McDonalds menu prices, you will be pleasantly surprised again and again. Check out my rewards.

The New McDonald’s Menu

Welcome to the McDonald’s Menu Prices Fan Based Blog!

Get ready to start your day off with a McDonald’s gift card, and have a free meal on the largest fast food restaurant in the world. This is the leading gift card company offering you the gift card to have your next Big Mac on the house. In addition to bringing you this great offer, let me tell you about the new and exciting offers that this company has unveiled for the new year. Sure some of the prices have gone up, but overall the prices are reasonable and you can still buy a quick meal with the change in your car. Here is a short list of the new changes that McDonald’s has implemented.

  • $0.49 Hamburgers and $0.69 Cheeseburgers (Sunday and Wednesday)
  • $0.99 McNuggets (Monday)
  • $0.99 Double Cheeseburger (Sunday and Wednesday)
  • $1.99 Happy Meals (Tuesday)
  • $3.50 Two Filet O Fish meal (Friday)

Great McDonald’s Food And Prices

All these great prices are available each and every day at Ronald McDonald’s house. So getting them for free is the only way to beat the prices hands down. Get your free gift card today with the leading gift card company around. Simply start the process on the Big Mac above.

Superbowl Party Coupons, And McDonalds Food


When was the last time you hosted a Superbowl party at your home? Well McDonalds menu prices and specials on Sundays makes a Superbowl party at your home an event that will not leave you broke, and it will give your guests some food that is tasty and something that no one will turn their face to. Sunday’s at McDonald’s offers cheeseburgers at $0.59 cents, hamburgers at $0.39, and now there are also chicken McNugget specials everyday of the week for orders of 20 or more.

I am going to offer you some incredible coupons all for free to help get the other items into your home for the big game this weekend. These special coupons are good until they end, and I can tell you that they will be good well beyond the Superbowl. These coupons are offering some of the best savings for everyday items that you need at home party or not. To get started on the savings just enter your information at the prompt at the end of this post, and the savings will be complete and will save you incredible amounts of money. The rest is up to McDonald’s and their great tasting food that you will agree goes hand and hand with the Superbowl or any other large sporting event. Get your free coupons for your Superbowl party today.