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Get A Job At McDonalds

Hey all, have you ever wanted to land a job at McDonalds. Well I can tell you that I worked there as a teen and there is no better job for a teen to get that will motivate him or her to learn as much as they can and work hard. This is no easy job and you have to be quick on your feet, and a quick learner. The lunch time rush is no joke. If you already read the McDonalds menu prices articles that I write, I can tell you that this fast food restaurant has an incredible following. While on the go, no one does it better! They know it and you know it. So recommend your teen to grab an online job application today and get started on a job that will most certainly change any teens or young adults life.

Get started with the McDonalds application today and be on your way to a Summer job that you will not soon forget. If you are good at your job, do not be surprised if you find yourself moving up the steps from the McDonalds entry crew position to eventually a managerial job. Something I watched happen often as I worked there as a teen for three years.

Get started with your fast food job today! Search for a McDonalds job today!

McDonald’s Bistro Menu Prices Are Very Reasonable

Get ready for great splash fun at Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon this Summer! Two of Disney World’s great water parks. In my most recent stay at Disney World this past Memorial Day weekend, I discovered one of the most amazing McDonalds restaurants in the Orlando/Kissimmee area. The McDonalds Bistro menu prices, this is the first time I have encountered one of these McDonalds Bistro style restaurants. Sure we all know that McCafe is available in just about every McDonald’s restaurant, but the Bistro look is not well known everywhere, in fact there are very few around.

McDonalds Bistro Restaurant Menu

On my recent trip to Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon two of the water parks operated by Walt Disney World, we had  exciting entertainment for the whole family. This included water slides and pools galore, the most fun we have had in a water park since visiting Sea World’s Aquatica last year. One of the best things of my family loves about Blizzard Beach is the proximity to McDonald’s. But on this last trip we decided to visit the McDonald’s Bistro restaurant located on International Drive and Universal road. Get in on a free McDonalds gift card and enjoy your favorite meal on us!

McDonald’s menu prices makes going on vacations affordable and gives you that opportunity to make a few meals on that next vacation affordable. The Bistro restaurant offers all of the same items that you enjoy off of the McDonald’s menu, but in addition to that they also offer specialty items. For instance, the McDonald’s breakfast menu offers omelette’s that you can make yourself with up to 4 topping for $5.79, that includes a hash brown. In addition to that you can offer eggs anyway you like them, pancakes, waffles and many, many more breakfast items.

Here are some of the other items that you can enjoy off of the Bistro menu, most of the specialty items are offered for lunch and dinner, and they include the following items:

  • Pizza
  • Turkey Sandwiches
  • Pastrami Sandwiches
  • Assorted Special Salads
  • Pasta

That’s not the only restaurant on Walt Disney World grounds, but it is the only McDonalds and it is located just minutes away from Blizzard Beach. So the next summer that you’re over at W.D.W.’s Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon don’t forget to visit the king of the fast food industry for a break in meals and a chance to eat something you really enjoy at incredibly affordable prices. With everything from chicken nuggets to black angus burgers their menu is affordable, great tasting, and has something for everyone if you’re in a pinch for a deal and want to save some money. If that is the case look no further than the dollar menu to get you going. Get your free gift card today and make your next meal a free one. Try the McDonalds gift card right here!

Is There A McDonald’s At Disney World?

McDonald’s At Disney World

Did you know that there is a McDonalds located on Walt Disney World property? This offers the great taste of the McDonalds menu prices to all of the Walt Disney World patrons, in lieu of the Walt Disney World menu. Sure there are some in credible meals located within the Walt Disney World camp grounds, but in today’s economy many families have to sacrifice fancy meals for meals that just make dollar sense. Mostly like the McDonalds dollar menu which is one of the most creative and affordable menus in the fast food rank and file.

So where is there a McDonalds near Disney World? Lucky for you I travel to the Magic Kingdom and the other theme parks some 10 times a year, and I am here and happy to report that there is still one McDonalds restaurant located inside the wonderful grounds of Walt Disney World. That restaurant happens to be sandwiched (no pun intended) between Disney’s Blizzard Beach and the value resorts of the All-Star and the Music resort. I you plan on taking a trip to Blizzard Beach this year you cannot go wrong with a great McDonald’s meal at a reasonable price. Now this fast food giant has made a modification to the dollar menu crispy chicken sandwich, and they have a spicy crispy chicken sandwich or a spicy version of the McChicken sandwich.

T-Rex Restaurant In Downtown Disney

The T-Rex restaurant is now located as the new attraction in Downtown Disney for some time now, a few years to be exact and across from this incredible restaurant is a new Grilled Chicken restaurant that housed the other McDonalds restaurant on Disney World grounds. This McDonalds was located in Downtown Disney right across from what is now the T-Rex restaurant. This used to be the other stop for us and McDonalds was always a welcomed choice while shopping for Mickey Mouse stuff at Downtown Disney. Many of the stores at Downtown Disney offer some of the coolest Walt Disney World merchandise around, but you do not have to be at Walt Disney to get their merchandise and get it at a discount and even free shipping on some of the special occasions of the year. Take this opportunity to get free shipping on your Walt Disney World order right here! Some of the coolest Mickey Mouse items, and just about every imaginable character that your loved ones would care to own. Lightning McQueen from Cars, Sully from Monster’s Inc., Ariel from the Little Mermaid, and many, many more. Get Disney Merchandise here with free shipping today!

To think Walt Disney World started with a mouse, while McDonald’s in Disney World all started with an idea to give the vacationers something that they all want. Good food served fast with that incredible taste that only the McDonald’s menu and dollar menu can deliver. Economy and great taste!

The McDonald’s Menu Prices Coupons

McDonald’s Coupon? Have a Happy Meal through McDonald’s Coupon

Who wouldn’t know about the McDonald’s menu prices? Almost everyone knows that when you want a tasty breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu all you have to do is drive through. Many of us  have tried eating at a McDonald’s fast food restaurant for many different reasons – the food, the convenience, the service and of course, the prices of their meals and specialty items. Let’s face it most of the people visit McDonald’s because of its reasonable and affordable prices. They make feeding a family of five not that big of a task by today’s standards.

Many people do not know that you can enjoy anything off of the McDonald’s menu for even cheaper, yes it is true. Isn’t that awesome? In the last month or so, I have seen plenty of McDonald’s coupons come through the mail in my neighborhood, and now the competition like Burger King and Wendy’s has stepped up their efforts as well as a way to get some of your business. With McDonald’s coupons just about everything that was sent as a part of their new promotion was a buy one get one free deal, to include their new burger. The Angus mushroom and Swiss melt, just to throw something delicious your way.

The McDonalds Menu Prices Are Cheap!

With everything from happy meals to Select meals, with many of their pricing and the dollar menu, taking a trip to your local McDonalds does not have to be pain staking. Now you can make a trip to this fast food giant available to your family just about anytime. Making Happy Meals even happier. Just imagine, you can get your favorite McDonald’s burger, french fries, sundae and soda for less than the usual price you pay when you incorporate some of these coupons that are so easy to get and use. These restaurants still make the cheeseburger and hamburger deal in my neighborhood very affordable on Wednesdays and Sundays with a very low price tag of $0.59 cents and $0.49 cents respectfully, very cheap. Two words that can easily be associated with McDonalds just about any day of the week.

My kids still love the Happy Meals all of the time, and the new snack-able mini chicken bites are a huge success everywhere. At the same time your kids get their favorite Happy Meal they can also always look for that special toy in their goody box. As if the food was not enough to make them smile, the food surely will. On Wednesdays and Sundays I get them a Happy Meal, and then I let them have a hamburger as well. Just the right amount of food. Additionally look for specials on Happy Meals on special days of the week. For instance the McDonalds restaurant in my neighborhood offers a $2.00 special Happy Meal on Tuesdays. Check local restaurants as different specials may apply.

How To Get A McDonalds Coupon?

To get a McDonald’s coupon you can either visit the nearest store to you or get them through the Internet, or like I do in the mail. Obviously, it is easier to get them through the Internet as you remove the wait time from the equation. Go to your favorite search engine and look for the free McDonald’s coupon, you will have to weed out the sites that are trying to sell you something you won’t need but for the most part there are plenty of sites out there with good information on savings. Happy coupon hunting.

The McRib Is Back…Jack

The McDonalds menu prices just added one of the all time favorites to this Fall’s menu.  The McRib sandwich combo.  Little rib-lets cut just right with a special barbecue sauce and onions and pickles served with America’s favorite fries and coke in one excellent value meal.  Starting this week coupled with the great Monopoly game brought to you by McDonalds, giving you more reasons to visit your local fast food spot and pick up this incredible rib sandwich.  There is one way to try this meal or any other of your favorite fast food meals and not have to pay for it, get a free online gift card to help you experience these robust flavors and more.

The McRib comes out on the heels of the Monopoly game that has been in full swing for a few weeks now, this 2011 edition of the McDonalds Monopoly game sports incredible odds making every 1:4 a winner.  I have already had many instant winners and most of them have been of the free food variety.  Most of them are free french fries, or free smoothies, and some have been for a free breakfast sandwich.  With the low cost of the McDonalds dollar menu, you can couple one of these free instant winner Monopoly pieces with a dollar menu Coke and or any other of the many dollar menu items.  For the pieces that are not instant winners, just simply go to PLAYATMCD.com and enter your pieces there to follow along on the Internet.  It is free and very easy to do.  If you still are not comfortable with the web, get the paper map and just peel and paste, just like years past.  Also you can enter your pieces online for a chance to win a Nissan Z for free.  Hurry there is a deadline of November 15.  Only ten entries per day.

Here is a list of some of the most popular McDonalds sandwiches in the last 10 years!

  1. The Big Mac
  2. The Quarter pounder w/cheese
  3. The Filet-O-Fish
  4. The McRib sandwich
  5. The Ranch crispy snack-wrap
  6. The double cheeseburger
  7. The daily double
  8. The McChicken sandwich
  9. The (3) Angus variety burgers
  10. The Bacon crispy chicken sandwich

With a lineup like this, it makes the McDonalds menu one of the strongest fast food menus out there. Sure the Burger King and Wendy menus are strong as well. But when you add the gimmicks that make us go to this fast food giant, it is not even close. Games like Monopoly, and of course who can forget the all-time kid favorite meal, the happy meal.  This just even fair, they have something to appeal to everyone, that is truly the secret to their success.  They really know how to just overshadow the competition.  If you have not tried the McRib sandwich and want to taste it for free, get your very own free gift card and get over there.