McDonalds New Prices Valid Everyday

McDonalds Menu Prices

If you are like me, you are always hawking price breaks and deals everywhere. Most of the times to get the best deal all you really have to do is hawk the McDonalds menu prices in order to see some of the best deals that will ever come across your day. Now until further notice, one of the daily price deals that you can enjoy from the king of the fast food is the McChicken sandwich and the Spicy McChicken sandwich for only $1.00! Get great coupons for free just for joining!

The McDonald’s McDouble

This joins the new dollar menu option at McDonalds, and joins the recently added McDouble which is just a catchy phrase for the double cheeseburger. That gives you yet another three options to add to the already ongoing specials that include the following lineup of specials:

  • Monday – $0.99 McNuggets
  • Sunday and Wednesday – $0.59 cheeseburgers
  • Sunday and Wednesday – $0.39 hamburgers
  • Everyday – McChicken, Spicy McChicken and McDouble (double cheeseburger) $1.00
  • Everyday – Great prices on a variety of specialty coffee drinks, shakes, and other specialties.
  • Everyday – McDonalds Monopoly from September 25, 2012 – October 22, 2012 – Win prizes (mostly food).

In case you did need a few more reasons to check out the new McDonalds menu and prices, just know that cookies, apple pies, cherry pies, and ice cream are also on the menu. Sundae’s, ice-cream cones, and other treats are always on the ready at America’s favorite fast food restaurant.

Also remember that each of McDonalds Monopoly game pieces have a dual role in the game. Of course the attempt at completing the color coded pieces like Boardwalk, and Park Place, and also the Internet entry for instant prizes. Most people do not enter these pieces online. I recommend that you do. This is the best way for you to win extra prizes, and have a shot at a top prize of 1 million dollars, WOW!!! Visit your local McDonald’s fast food restaurant today and play to win!!! Game piece also available for free via the mail. Offers void where prohibited and McDonald’s reserves the right to verify all prizes.