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Only 1 Place To Get The Great McDonalds Menu In Walt Disney World!

Well the McDonalds menu prices are once again the most inexpensive options to families on vacation everywhere, and in my opinion still win out on any family vacation. I just completed another family trip to Walt Disney World, I could not help but notice that the McDonalds food spots have all but disappeared off of the Walt Disney World premises, all except for one.  That is the McDonalds restaurant that still sits just about 1/2 mile from Walt Disney’s Blizzard Beach and about 1 mile from the Disney resort the All-Stars. If you are going on a trip or just hanging around and want a chance at getting the great taste of the McDonalds menu for free you can get it right here, but hurry these offers are limited to 10,000.  Get Free McDonalds food!

OK, I am glad that you were able to get one of those, now on with my trip.  I read on many different sites that people are upset with seeing the McDonalds menu anywhere near an theme park where they have to pay $80.00 plus to enter, and I believe that this is one of the lamest oppositions to the McDonalds menu and food that I have ever heard.  First the McDonalds menu prices offer variety and savings and good food, so I do not get the point.  Secondly, you can call me crazy, but I believe it is an upgrade from the food that Disney World serves us at the prices that they do.  If you are going to serve me an Angus hamburger and charge me $8.99 for it, make it a real Angus burger.  I would much rather get the McDonalds Angus Bacon and cheese burger and their fries and pay the same thing for it.

I can see where Walt Disney World has made a conscientious effort to offer people a healthier choice of foods, but the burgers taste horrible and the fries are not great deal either.  They now keep the fries at the bottom of the menu at Walt Disney World, and they have put grapes, carrots, and milks available with all of their meals, but fries are still an option if you want them.  I would take the McDonalds fries every time over those that are being sold at the Disney theme parks.  At least give the patron the option to have the McDonalds menu over the choice you give us.  If it cannot be McDonalds then at least give us another option. But I would much rather see the McDonalds menu and prices at these theme parks, wishful thinking though, I believe they McDonalds is out for good. But there is still one place near Blizzard Beach where we can go and get them, now if only the Walt Disney World transportation buses could make than an official stop? Get a free McDonalds gift card today and keep enjoying the McDonalds dollar menu!

5 Reasons To Keep The McDonalds Menu Close!

I am going to give you 5 reasons why the McDonalds menu prices reign as the cheapest and greatest bargain for your hard earned dollar.  The McDonalds dollar menu is supreme to all other dollar menus out there.  Topping Wendy’s dollar menu and the Burger King’s dollar menu, and also new comers to the dollar menu like Rally’s and Checker’s as well.  The key to this is that the McDonalds menu prices is truly hard to beat not only in price, but also in taste.  If you want to taste the McDonalds dollar menu get their free online gift card now!

Now on Monday’s at participating McDonalds you can get the 6-piece chicken nuggets for the low price of only $1.00 WOW!  Looks like Mondays are going to be McDonalds all the way! Coupled with that you have the big Wednesday and Sunday specials of $0.59 cent cheeseburgers and $0.49 cent hamburgers, which has been ongoing for about 6 years now and has no signs of stopping.  April 18, 2011 was Tax day this year, and McDonalds had that regular Tax day special of buy 1 Big Mac and get another for $0.01 cent.  These and many other specials that run daily are the main reason that their dollar menu is 2nd to none.  You know it and I know it, now we all know it.

So here without further delay, whether you are a McDonalds menu lover or you have never visited this fast food giant, I am going to give you my top five reasons to visit the best fast food restaurant in the World, with over 1 billion served!

  1. $0.59 cheeseburgers and $0.49 hamburgers on Wednesday and Sunday!
  2. $1.00 chicken McNuggets on Monday!
  3. The Asian chicken salad and the Bacon Ranch chicken salad!
  4. Strawberry-Banana Smoothies!
  5. Happy Meals!  The concept of the toy with the meal wrapped up in a box, with your choice of juice, milk, or soda is one of the finest fast food ideas ever hatched!

There you have it, my top five.  What are your top five items to eat off of  the McDonalds menu?  Let me know via your comments, and suggestions.  Don’t forget to get your free McDonalds gift card and try some of your favorite foods at this fast food giant today.  Thanks for reading.